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How to create a new column in Postgres with existing rows backfilled with a different value from the default

Published on 2020-12-20

How to figure out what processes are using IO on MacOS / debugging mysterious performance problems

Published on 2020-12-06

The New S3 is Magic!

Published on 2020-12-06

How to have xargs use its input in an arbitrary invocation

Published on 2020-10-09

How to use xargs to invoke an executable once for each argument

Published on 2020-10-09

How to show the current TotalSpaces space name in the menu bar

Published on 2020-05-04

Is there a name for this code design principle?

Published on 2020-04-14

Linux flock does not provide fair locking

Published on 2020-02-01

How to enable Command-E in VS Code on Mac

Published on 2020-01-27

Setting google chrome / chromedriver options correctly in version 75+ with selenium and capybara

Published on 2019-11-28

How to get github pull request commits to be in the correct order

Published on 2019-11-28

These are a few of my favorite software engineering books and blogs

Published on 2019-03-25

How to clone a git repo from one remote to another

Published on 2019-01-24

Measuring Sidekiq with Librato

Published on 2015-07-03

How to make a git branch be based off of a different branch from what it was originally branched off from

Published on 2015-03-27

Benchmarking Postgres vs. Redis Reads

Published on 2015-03-21

Setting Priorities For Sidekiq Workers

Published on 2015-03-07


Published on 2014-10-09

Monitoring connection quality of Amtrak wifi vs. phone tethering

Published on 2014-07-17

DHH Sounds Out of Touch

Published on 2014-05-01