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How expensive is it to create Procs and lambdas in ruby?

Published on 2022-10-17

Benchmarking various methods of accumulating a set / unique array in ruby

Published on 2022-07-24

You can't declare after_*_commit or after_commit callbacks for the same method more than once!

Published on 2022-02-25

Instrumenting and Scaling the Action Cable worker pool

Published on 2022-01-06

How to install homebrew in a completely isolated environment

Published on 2021-11-10

Turning off ActiveRecord query cache to improve memory consumption in background jobs

Published on 2021-10-17

How to stop yourself from accidentally switching to a git branch named "master" instead of "main"

Published on 2021-10-02

ruby Thread report_on_exception and abort_on_exception

Published on 2021-09-25

Turning off the SQL cache in rails background jobs

Published on 2021-09-16

It's impossible to know what a unique and valuable design looks like before it is built

Published on 2021-08-29

How to create a multi-column full text search index in Postgres

Published on 2021-08-27

All about fonts on websites!

Published on 2021-08-07

Running rake tasks from within Ruby on Rails code

Published on 2021-07-14

How to create a new column in Postgres with existing rows backfilled with a different value from the default

Published on 2020-12-20

How to figure out what processes are using IO on MacOS / debugging mysterious performance problems

Published on 2020-12-06

The New S3 is Magic!

Published on 2020-12-06

How to have xargs use its input in an arbitrary invocation

Published on 2020-10-09

How to use xargs to invoke an executable once for each argument

Published on 2020-10-09

How to show the current TotalSpaces space name in the menu bar

Published on 2020-05-04

Is there a name for this code design principle?

Published on 2020-04-14

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